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The perfect choice of aesthetic all-ceramic solutions

The Kera® Zr-Disc product line is a specially developed high-tech oxide ceramic for the production of
aesthetic and functional all-ceramic restorations. All Kera® Zr-Discs are fabricated by an isostatic
press- and sintering process. Selected raw materials of the highest quality and purity from Tosoh®
are our claim for durable and biocompatible all-ceramic restorations. The result is a perfect zirconia
with the highest material quality and homogeneity - of course Made in Germany!

The product line Kera® Zr-Disc covers the requirements of the dental day-to-day business from the
standard framework up to a high translucent multilayer restoration. Harmonious and natural-looking
coloring liquids as well as paint colors for the brush technique optimally complement the
Kera® Zr-Disc range.

Overview Kera®Zr-Disc

Kera® Zr-Disc OP
instruction for use
The classical zirconia with reduced translucency
and very high flexural strength
Kera® Zr-Disc T
instruction for use
Translucent zirconia with high flexural strength
for up to 14-unit restorations
Kera® Zr-Disc T Multi
instruction for use
Translucent multilayer zirconia with high flexural
strength for up to 14-unit restorations
Kera® Zr-Disc HT
instruction for use
Cubic zirconia with highest translucency for up
to 3-unit restorations
Kera® Zr-Disc HT Multi
instruction for use
Cubic multi-layer zirconia with natural color
transitions and maximum translucency
Kera® Zr-Disc OP / T Liquid
instruction for use
Dipping coloring liquids for 16 VITA® Classic
Kera® Zr-Disc T / HT Paint
instruction for use
Coloring solutions for individual staining and
accentuation with the brush technique

Download Kera®ZR-Disc Broschüre