New high-performance polymer for open CAD / CAM systems

Kera®starPEEK – the metal-free alternative

The manufacturer of non-precious dental alloys Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH expands now its product range with the new ceramic filled CAD / CAM high-performance polymer Kera®starPEEK. The increased demands for a metal-free, biocompatible and permanent framework material can be now fulfilled. Due to the good mechanical properties and low weight of Kera®starPEEK a particularly pleasant wearing comfort for the patient is ensured. Due to the optimal shock-absorbing properties Kera®starPEEK is ideal indicated for implant-supported restorations, telescopic secondary structures, 2-piece abutments, healing abutments, denture bases and more. The frameworks can be finalized  with light-curing veneering composite or denture resins. Kera®starPEEK 100% fulfilled the biocompatible standards of DIN EN ISO 10993 this shows a sustainable option for  allergy patients for permanent dentures.

The milling disc Kera®starPEEK is available in the colors “white” (SW) and “tooth color A2 / A3″ (TC). The discs are available in heights of 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25 mm and is approved for all open CAD / CAM systems in the standard forms 98.3 mm and 99.5 mm. Other forms are in preparation. Kera®starPEEK can be milled either dry or wet.

KeraStarPEEK_3 Scheiben