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165.00 235.00  Without VAT
Biocompatible, soft-milling CoCr disc, type 4
  • Pre-sintered, binder-free CoCr milling disc based on the composition of the Kera®-Disc
  • Compatible with the ceramill sintron® system
  • Suitable for dry or wet processing
  • Low smoke emission during sintering
  • Crowns and Bridges for the veneering with ceramic


135.00 199.00  Without VAT
Biocompatible, semi-crystalline high performance polymer on PEEK base
  • Metal free alternative with high strength
  • Low specific weigth
  • Suitable for allergy patients
  • Crowns and bridges for veneering with composite
  • Removable restorations on copings
  • 2 piece abutments
  • Gingivaformer
  • Implant based screwed bridges
  • Splints


72.00 128.00  Without VAT
NPM Titanium-Aluminium-Vanadium based dental alloy for milling, grade 5 ELI (Medical Grade 23)
  • Clinical approved titanium alloy with high strength
  • Very good milling properties
  • Suitable for veneering with Ti-ceramics
  • Crowns and bridges
  • One piece abutments
  • Implant retained suprastructures

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145.00 279.00  Without VAT
NPM Cobalt based dental alloy for milling, type 4
  • Optimised milling properties due to special heat treatment
  • High strength due to homogeneous metal structure
  • Suitable for all high fusing veneering ceramics
  • Crowns and bridges
  • One piece abutments
  • Implant retained suprastructures

KERA®starSplint Bio

59.00  Without VAT
Biocompatible, medical co-polyester for CAD/CAM milling.
  • Ideal for allergy patients
  • Free from residual monomers such as BPA, PMMA and PC
  • Break resistant
  • Tasteless
  • Highly transparent
  • Bite splints
  • Splints for bruxism
  • Therapeutical Splints
  • Splints for Bleaching
  • Orthodontic Splint