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Biocompatible and BPA-free bite splints

Eisenbacher Dentalwaren, the materials specialist and manufacturer of dental materials, is launching KERA® starSplint Bio, a BPA- and PMMA-free splint material for bite and grinding splints as a milling disk for CAD/CAM production. Nowadays, more and more patients are suffering from dysfunctional disorders and bruxism, which can often be triggered by stress. In many cases, a bite splint can restore healthy chewing and jaw function and protect the tooth substance from abrasion caused by bruxism. KERA® starSplint Bio belongs to the medical co-polyester material group with a special formulation based on PCTG. The material is therefore significantly more impact-resistant, elastic and transparent than other splint materials on the market that are based on PMMA, polycarbonate or PET-G. The biocompatible splint material impresses with its excellent fracture resistance and crystal-clear transparency. Health-conscious or allergy-sensitive patients in particular, who have to wear a grinding splint overnight, do not want to worry about substances coming out. KERA® starSplint Bio offers a solution for this requirement. The new splint material is absolutely tasteless and free from hormone-stimulating BPA (bisphenol A) and allergenic PMMA monomers. At the same time, it is comfortable to wear.

KERA® starSplint Bio can be processed very well in all standard milling machines with single-edged tools. The milling disk is available in the size Ø 98 x 16 mm at a net price of 59 euros and can be ordered directly from Eisenbacher:

Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH
Tel.: +49 9372 9404-0